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Mister Ding

Mister Ding is a VIP table booking service mobile app focusing on luxurious nightlife experiences with option to invite a selection of attractive partygoers to join.

Mister Ding is a members-only “by referral and invitation” app to simplify booking at elite nightclubs, lounges, and large EDM events in multiple cities across Asia.

Miss Party!

Miss Party! is a free event discovery and social mobile app for those who love to party, make new friends and have a good time.

With Miss Party!, users can discover new parties, apply to join, or get invited to exclusive parties for a once-in-a-lifetime experience all around the world. Users can choose to go alone or with their own friends.


Connect to Luxurious Parties Within Different Cities in Asia

Light the Beacon!

Choose When & Where
Invite Friends to Join the Party

Enrich Your Personal Social Life
Enjoy Luxurious Parties with VIP Treatments
Have an Enjoyable Time with Gentleman Mr. Ding Members


What Party Options Do I have?

• Matched/ Invited

• Confirmed to Attend

• Accepted Mr. Ding’s Events

• Accepted Beacon Invitation From Friends


Full Event Information

Scan QR code for Entrance to Venues

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